Friday, April 11, 2008


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Anta do Zambujeiro is the tallest dolmen in the world.
This is a special and outstanding monument, whatever the scale of analysis.
Discovered and excavated on the early sixties, it has been left without proper restoration until the present.
The structural problems have, since then, become more and more serious, and the ugly metal roof, as well as the inconvenient wooden blockage, have been intended to stabilize and protect the dolmen.
The fundamental question is now concerned with the dignity of the monument.
National and regional authorities claim to have no funds to attack the problem.
Anta Grande do Zambujeiro is now a question of respect for our cultural heritage,
The visitors (everyday a large number of people comes to testify it) are surprised by such an abandonment and lack of responsibility.
We feel ashamed.


rudi said...

I am Canadian. We visited Evora in October 08 and hired a guide, a history teacher from Evora, who did a wonderful job as a tour guide of the dolmens in the area, including the Anta Grande, unfortunately the cave paintings were fenced and locked. We were totally impressed with what we were shown and awestruck by what you have. I realize that they are a part of who you are. Their creators are in your genetic make-up. Forgetting these phenomenal creations may be your ultimate tragedy.In the West we are often in opposition between various aboriginal cultures with their ancient sites and an"invading" white culture less concerned about these phenomena as a source for personal identity. This is our tragedy. We are not genetically related. When money is scarce governments find "more pressing needs" to fund and history like the arts takes a back seat. This is the tragedy inherent in national governing bodies. And this mentality needs to change. We all share the burden. Continue fighting and good luck. Rudi

luder said...

Passei por lá ontem, quase que por acaso. Confesso que fiquei um pouco desiludido, principalmente por dois motivos:

1) Total ausência de informação sobre o monumento. Não custava nada colocar ali uma placa com os dados históricos. Como está, pouco mais é que um amontoado de pedras grandes. Não há qualquer referência à data de construção, à finalidade do monumento e ao que foi alterado, em relação à disposição original dos menires. Foi preciso vir consultar informação na net, posteriormente à visita, para obter esses mesmos dados. Só agora sei que o menir que está tombado na entrada não estava assim, originalmente, e que está decorado com "covinhas". Gostava de ter reparado melhor nisso...

2) A cobertura metálica que lá está é um monstro, não se enquadra minimamente com o sítio. Mais parece um estaleiro, quando uma pessoa o vê ao longe. Não haverá forma de proteger o monumento de uma forma que fira menos a vista?

Saí de lá como entrei. Ora, quando se visitam monumentos espera-se sempre aprender qualquer coisa. Eu cá só vi pedras, nem para fotografias decentes deu (maldito telhado...).

Miguel said...

I was there today. I am from Spain, but in fact, this monument was made by our ancestros the ancestrors of the whole World. For Godness shake! it was built 5000years ago!! How can we allow a few vandals destroy it??
UE should participate. Someone should do something.